Florence : A day trip

This is how I think is the best way to taste the charm and eclectic beauty of Florence on a one day trip:

First stop must be Pontevecchio; always  bustling with tourist, a permanent abode for painters, and is a perfect place to get a keepsake: a mediaeval or florentine design piece from one of the many jewelry shops on Pontevecchio or a colorful watercolor depiction of the Florence from any of this city’s lovers i.e. artists painting live. Next thing to do is to get lost in the streets  & see the incredible architecture and the constant play of sunlight and shadows over the motifs of buildings. Enjoy the sight of more artists and street performers (perhaps you catch the sight of a group doing a mediaeval dance) during your stroll. Ofcourse their are plenty  of shops and stores to discover in Florence but before the sun goes down head to the Piazzale  Michelangelo. Located on  top of a hill this place also have restaurants and a monastery & is definitely ‘the perfect’ place to see the amazing postcard perfect view of  the Florence. In my opinion this is one of the most romantic places on the earth to see  the sunset. The panoramic view, the play of colors at the dusk, the descending  sun over florentine skyline,  the city with all its exceptional beauty, Florence illuminating itself with lights; all of this is just magical! Here are the pictures from my trip last year:


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