Book of choice, Praiano B&B, Byredo @ Amalfi Coast :

Byredo: Palermo,Bal d afrique, Gypsy Water

I prefer reading Memoirs on vacations so along with my book : A Moveable Feast; full of interesting quotes and encounters of Hemingway in Paris, I tried some Byredo Perfumes samples:

Palermo is very crisp, linear  perfume which like fresh citrus fruit peel. Bitter, zesty, uplifting and most unisex of the all 3. Perfect on hot days, wearing with a boyfriend’s shirt.

Bal d’Afrique is a crystal jar filled with sugar & voilet petals, sweet yet not cloying, an elegant composition which sits subtly on skin for hours. A scent like this is  not usual & is wearable all year long. This is the one I feel like getting the bottle of first.

Gypsy Water is perhaps the most true to its name, reminds me of the shops selling oriental or Indian crafts, with strong smell of burning incense topped by sweet lemons. It can only be appealing to those who love incense or in the mood of it, a nice one to wear on a rainy day with colorful dress.

And these are snaps of the B&B of Praiano we stayed at:

lemon tree & flowers inspiration


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