Urbino: medieval & eclectic energy

Urbino is the gem  city of the region Marche in my view. Being birthplace of Raphael(one of the greatest Renaissance painters have a museum dedicated to him in Urbino), makes it a historical ground for art and being home to a university makes it full of young and diverse energy. This is definitely not going to be my only post on Urbino, but here it is all about the general feel of walking through this small city full of charm.

amazing urbino art & urbino art history @ urbino education & urbino fountain at urbino mediveal street show at urbino one of many facets of urbino Raffeallo Raphael statue at urbino sculpture detail at urbino sculptures @ urbino souveniers of urbino urbino urbino a view urbino a view from above urbino and many events urbino architecture urbino art urbino birthplace of Rapheal urbino details urbino entrance urbino markets urbino monastery urbino passageway urbino shops urbino tributes to art & literature urbino view urbino. urbino.. urbino... view @ urbino view urbino window at urbino


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